Automatically answer all of your customers’ questions with an omnichannel chatbot platform

Trying to get a customer service question answered can feel a lot like using self-checkout at the grocery store: way more confusing than necessary. (“What ‘unexpected item’?! Stop beeping!”)

Untimely or insufficient customer service is frustrating and has the potential to drive great leads away.

What if your self-use customer service was just a little smarter? Turns out it can be.

Do automated service right with Botsify.

Benefits & Features

  • Power your customer service with a chatbot driven by artificial intelligence
  • Alternative to: Chatfuel, ManyChat, and FlowXO
  • Connect unlimited integrations using Zapier, Integromat, RSS Feed, or JSON REST API
  • Best for: Recruiters, agencies, agents, and educators looking to automate their customer service with a smart chatbot solution

Lifetime Deal

This lifetime deal is only available for a limited time. Get Botsify lifetime deal now starting at $59 LIFETIME.

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