Grow your business reach with ad-free video hosting on high-speed, secure servers

There’s nothing worse than an ad interrupting your video experience. (“Please, Liberty Mutual commercial, I’m just trying to watch this baby turtle eat lettuce.”)

But it’s even worse when an ad for another company is interrupting your marketing videos.

If only there was a way to deliver a high-quality, ad-free video experience in a customizable video player that matches your branding.

Introducing Vadootv Player.

Top Features

  • Record or host your ad-free videos on a secured cloud and deliver through high-speed CDNs
  • Alternative to: Vidyard and Loom
  • Customize the player to match your brand, collect leads, and add CTAs to improve conversions
  • Best for: Marketers, sales professionals, and content creators who want to create and share lightning-fast videos without ads

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