Gyana delivers the power of data analytics in a visual, no-code interface.

Working with data today is frustrating!

Manually downloading CSVs, repeating the same workflows every week, getting that one chart on your dashboard.

Use Gyana to turn your ad hoc data analytics projects into repeatable workflows. Spend less time in spreadsheets, and more time delighting your customers.

– One-click integrations with 20+ tools
– A no-code alternative to SQL
– Flexible dashboards you can share with your clients
– Unlimited collaborators

Gyana is offering AppSumo customers lifetime licenses to Gyana at a sumo-sized discount!

You’ll get exclusive access to our community of no-code data analysts, and early previews of these upcoming features:
– 150+ more integrations
– A powerful workflow builder with realtime collaboration
– Custom API integrations, transformations and webhooks
– One-click predictive analytics

Get lifetime access today!

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