Infinity: Best All-in-One Project Management App

Infinity is an all-in-one work management app that helps you create workflows for your company, manage your team members and set up company objects and day-to-day tasks. It’s versatile features and customization options make it a great choice for any business.

Features and Benefits

  • Find the perfect view for all your tasks, from managing time to staying on top of deadlines
  • With over 50 customizable templates, you can work smarter and get organized in no time.
  • Get organized, with one tool that can be tailored to your liking
  • Empowers you to customize your entire workflow

Teaser Video

Pricing: Lifetime Deal PROMO!

Infinity regular pricing is $29/month for 10 users, or $348/year for 10 users.

However current Infinity has a lifetime deal promotion that starts at only $149 for 10 users lifetime (bigger plans available for more users). This deal ends on June 1, 2021 so if feel you need it, you want act now. Not sure? Infinity has a 30-day money back guarantee! So you can be truly safe about your investment, you have the option to refund while already trying all features without limits. Infinity as a company has been launched since 2017 and they’re still improving and adding more features based on customer feedback.

Get Infinity now.

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