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WooCommerce Installation on AWS – Checklist

Cloudflare Signup Cloudflare Add website to Cloudflare Change name servers to Cloudflare’s Enable “Always On HTTPS” Tweak SSL settings if necessary – default is Full, can be Flexible or Strict AWS Signup AWS account Decide which AWS Region as primary region, considering cost, latency, and feature parity Draw a Deployment Diagram using Diagram should…

How to Create A New App in Frappe/ERPNext (using Docker Development Environment)

You can create a new app by running dbench/bench new-app. You use dbench if you’re running it from the host’s frappe_docker folder instead of inside the frappe Docker container. [email protected] MINGW64 /d/project_amanah/SatuJuara/frappe_docker (master) $ ./dbench new-app library_management new app library_management App Title (default: Library Management): Library Management App Description: App for managing Articles, Members,…

How to Install Frappe/Erpnext Development Environment using Docker for Windows

Frappe Application Development Tutorial: frappe_docker GitHub repository: From now we will use “dbench” for many things. You may be wondering what this “dbench” is, I was wondering the same too. It is a thin wrapper & short script that basically runs the “bench” script but inside your Docker container, hence the “d” prefix….

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