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A sketch book drawn with cloud database and programming concept

MongoDB Atlas + MongoDB Realm Review 2021

Is MongoDB The Best Database & GraphQL Backend for Your Project? MongoDB in year 2021 is much improved than it was 5 years ago. In comparison to MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL, their feature set development tends to be more incremental. All of them are mature and stable technology. MongoDB Disadvantages: The Bad Stuff I’ll mention…

What Are Custom Post Types and Custom Fields in WordPress?

Custom Post Types vs Custom Fields vs Custom Taxonomies They are different things. Custom post types are creating entirely new types of posts (i.e. classes in object-oriented programming speak). While custom fields are used to add different kinds of fields to a post type, e.g. simple text, long paragraph, number, date, date time, select /…

WordPress Plugin Development with Docker and Visual Studio Code

My preferred way of dong WordPress Plugin Development is by using Docker. Specifically, I use the wordpress and mariadb Docker images. An example docker-compose.yml is as follows: By mounting plugin directory here: I can work with the plugin using Visual Studio code and the plugin is automatically accessible within the WordPress container. To start WordPress…

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