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Gurucan: Create, promote, and sell online courses

To build complete online courses and membership programs, you’re paying for more tools than there are Law and Order spin-offs. (Law and Order: Highway Robbery…dun dun dun.) You’ve got one tool for webinars, another to build landing pages, and still another for creating a mobile app. When it comes to providing an exceptional learning experience for your…

TruConversion: Easy funnel tracking and optimization

Easy funnel tracking and optimization with heatmaps, session recording, and form analytics You’ve got your marketing strategy locked down to maximize your campaigns… probably. With all those confusing numbers scattered across analytics, spreadsheets, and dashboards, even Count von Count can’t save you. (“2,568 rich media assisted conversions, ah ah…ah?”) You need a simple way to…

BeagleSecurity: Identify loopholes on your website

Business owners don’t always prioritize website security for two major reasons: time and effort. (Also the two reasons I haven’t fulfilled my lifelong dream of owning an alpaca farm.) But without a solid security system in place, you’re leaving your site vulnerable to catastrophic threats. What if you could get an entirely automated hacker’s perspective…

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